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Employment Law and Coronavirus legislation

This bumper edition of the Newsletter deals with the package of employment legislation introduced by the government in response to the Covid 19 crisis. The job retention scheme, with the […]

Disability Discrimination

Employment tribunal statistics for the second quarter of 2019 show that disability discrimination claims received the largest average awards, compared with other forms of discrimination. The average award for disability […]

Proving Direct Discrimination

Proving direct discrimination Several recent employment law cases in the appellate courts have focussed on questions surrounding proof of direct discrimination. The operation of the so-called “reverse burden of proof” […]

Improving access to justice in Employment Tribunals

Law Commission Consultation - improving access to justice in Employment Tribunals January 2019 The Law Commission is currently engaged in a consultation which is of considerable significance for all those […]

Unpaid Wages - Interpreting the Contract

Unpaid Wages - Interpreting the Contract The Court of Appeal recently made an important decision for workers pursuing claims for unpaid wages. The law (Employment Rights Act 1996, section 13) […]

Supreme Court on Unfair Dismissal

Is British Home Stores v Burchell under challenge? Broadly speaking, it is true to say that employment law is a statutory subject. Certainly, when it comes to unfair dismissal, the […]

Employment Status - Uber Drivers are "Workers"

EAT confirms that Uber drivers are “workers” Cases about employment status have dominated the employment law agenda over the recent past. It is natural that this should be so, because […]

Employment Tribunal Fees Abolished - What Happens Next?

EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL FEES ABOLISHED - WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? The decision of the Supreme Court in the case brought by Unison may well be the most important employment law decision this […]


June 11, 2017 FEES FIASCO: IS THE END IN SIGHT? For those employment lawyers concerned with access to justice (and aren’t we all?) the fees imposed on those bringing claims […]

Judicial Assessment - a welcome reform

October 2016 A new feature has been introduced in the Employment Tribunals. The process of “Judicial Assessment” has been given official sanction by the President of ETs (England and Wales), […]

Justice Committee criticises Employment Tribunal Fees

22 June 2016 The House of Commons Justice Committee has released its report on court fees, including some forthright criticism of the fees regime applied to employment tribunals. The report […]

Zero Hours Contracts - limits of the new protection

14 January 2016 The proliferation of Zero Hours Contracts (ZHCs) in recent years has been a subject of great concern, particularly to those workers living with the uncertainty of relying […]

Employment Tribunals update

1 January 2016 Despite the squeeze on employment tribunal claims caused by the introduction of fees, the close of 2015 saw several important cases dealing with procedure in the tribunals.

Fees for claimants

14 December 2015 Has the introduction of fees for claimants in employment tribunals restricted access to justice? Few of those practising in the field would hesitate before answering that question. […]