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Employment Tribunals Handbook

Blackstone’s Employment Tribunal Handbook 2014-2015 (pub Oxford University Press)

Covering all the key aspects of Employment Tribunal practice, this book focuses on the procedure from the point when the claim is presented, through the initial procedural steps up to and including the hearing and the consideration of reviews and  appeals. It deals concisely and authoritatively with the substantive law relating to unfair dismissal, discrimination, and the other main claims which can be made within the jurisdiction of the Employment Tribunals. There is substantial emphasis upon remedies and compensation featuring a draft Schedule of Loss with accompanying commentary to assist when presenting or defending a claim.

Features include:

  • A brief and easy-to-use statement of law and practice in the Employment Tribunals, in a pocket-sized format ideal for everyday use
  • Cross-referencing to Blackstone’s Employment Law Practice 2014 which guides you to in-depth commentary
  • Essential extracts from statutory material and case law of relevance for the great majority of cases
  • Flowcharts and tables featured to aid navigation and understanding

Some reviews of Blackstone’s Employment Tribunal Handbook:

Whilst legal practitioners will doubtless find this handbook useful, it is also likely to find favour with HR professionals, trade union officials, CAB advisers and law centre staff, individual litigants in person and employment tribunal members. Authoritative statement of relevant law is combined with practical guidance and easy to follow flowcharts, tables and examples are provided. 

- Paul Secher, chair of JSB employment law faculty

This is a text which will be of great use to a range of employment law practitioners. The detailed content of this book, combined with its small size and weight, make it great value for money. It is likely to appeal to a range of employment practitioners, from the junior to the more established. 

- Alice Carse, barrister, Devereux Chambers, writing in Industrial Law Journal (Vol. 44, Issue 2)

The Handbook is useful for HR professionals or advisers at Citizens Advice Bureaus, or inevitably trade union representatives or officials.Noteworthy for its clarity and conciseness, this is a legal text that favours clear explanations and a refreshing lack of legalese. Its plain English approach will render it immediately understandable and accessible to almost all readers -- especially with its frequent use of flowcharts, tables and boxed shaded sections designed to enhance understanding and ease of use.Anyone needing a compact text on tribunals that is accurate, reliable, authoritative and easy to use, especially when under pressure – should rush and buy this Handbook. 

- Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, barristers, of Richmond Green Chambers

This book is a must for the busy practitioner whether experienced or not. It is written in an immediately accessible style and is quick and easy when looking up any subject. 

- Mark Pentecost, solicitor

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For a sample chapter from the Handbook entitled “Advocacy: How to Present Your Case”, click here: 

(This is an extract consisting of Chapter 4 (pages 71 to 83) of Blackstone's Employment Tribunals Handbook 2014-2015 by John Sprack (2014) reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press).

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John Sprack’s legal training is always done in a pleasant, calm way, being helpful and informative. His ability to put you at your ease and give you confidence in advocacy and general legal practice is a definite strong point!
John Bryan, Solicitor, Wolverhampton City Council, delegate on courses on Advocacy in the Employment Tribunals and Unfair Dismissal