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A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure

A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure by John Sprack (Oxford University Press, 15th edition)

Now in its sixteenth edition, A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure provides a complete guide to the criminal process in England and Wales. It explains what happens before the accused appears in court, the way in which prosecutions are commenced, funding by the criminal defence service, and bail. It describes proceedings in the magistrates' court, including summary trial and committal for sentence, as well as the way in which the youth court operates. The process by which serious offences are sent direct to the Crown Court is also examined. Trial on indictment is discussed in detail, as are sentencing and appeals.

This new edition has been fully updated to incorporate recent developments in the field. In particular, attention is paid to changes to deferred prosecution agreements, alternations to life sentences and mandatory minimum sentence, criminal behaviour orders and youth rehabilitation orders. Changes to the Criminal Practice Directions and Criminal Procedure Rules are also discussed. The changes to the process of sending indictable and related cases to the Crown Court are examined, in the light of the abolition of committal proceedings.

Very much a practical guide, this book is specifically designed to assist the busy professional and student. It is an indispensable resource for those working in this field.

A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure has consistently proved a popular textbook for students and practitioners of criminal procedure because it:

• provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to the main contours of criminal procedure and sentencing

• takes a pragmatic approach to criminal procedure, addressing points likely to arise in day-to-day practice

• features an authoritative description of how courts apply the law

• is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, lucidly written and clearly set out, with practical checklists, flowcharts, and examples 

Reviews published on the Amazon website include the following:

“An excellent book, full of brilliant detail about criminal procedure. The reader is led through every stage of the criminal justice process, from institutional decisions at the investigative and prosecutorial level, to the

various preliminary matters in both the Magistrates' and Crown Courts, along to trial, sentencing and ultimately appeal….has long been of use to students, academics and practitioners alike.”

- Mystery Shopper

“Very insightful and 'practical'. Stellar professional text. Very useful for those practicing or as in my case learning the ropes and trying to gain criminal experience”

- Jon

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To view a sample chapter of this book, click the link below. It is Chapter 9 of A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure (15th ed, 2015) by John Sprack, reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press

APACP_sample chapter_disclosure.pdf

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John Sprack’s legal training is always done in a pleasant, calm way, being helpful and informative. His ability to put you at your ease and give you confidence in advocacy and general legal practice is a definite strong point!
John Bryan, Solicitor, Wolverhampton City Council, delegate on courses on Advocacy in the Employment Tribunals and Unfair Dismissal